Welcome to a city of kings – Cracow

If you do not enjoy your stay in London or Paris, it is the highest time to change it and travel to a place that is much different than overrated European capitals. One of the places that is completely different and charming at the same time is Cracow, a Polish city placed on the banks of the River Vistula in the southern parts of Poland. It is the Polish city that is the most frequently visited by international visitors. The city is full of interesting landmarks to go to that will help you to get to know the history of the city better. It is worth to underline that Krakow was the second capital of Poland. During this time, Poland was very well-developed country.

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Bratislava – a nice city to go sightseeing

If you are in Slovakia, it is worth to visit the capital city of the country – Bratislava. It is one of the smallest capitals in Europe where lives only 450,000 inhabitants. The city is located in the southwester part of the country on the edges of two rivers – the River Danube and the River Morava. The city is visited by approximately 1 million of visitors every year. This article will present the most popular places to visit in the city.

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Vacation in Hungary

Since last decade, Polish tourists begin to travel whole around the world, because of small, airline companies. Nowadays if you like to go some place nice for holiday you don’t have to be rich, cause airline tickets are very cheap. If you are wondering about future vacations, you should consider going to Hungary. This small, but beautiful country has a lot to offer.

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Short trip to Berlin – the best attractions

The capital of Germany is situated very close to the Polish border, that is why a lot of people from our country are visiting it. Nothing surprising in that, Berlin is very interesting place with a lot of great attractions. If you are visiting it during the longer weekend you have to choose the best monuments, cause there are too many to explore each.

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