Amazing holidays in Netherlands

The most common idea of travelling during the summer is to choose some warm, sunny city, situated by the sea. However, a lot of tourists better like to do some sightseeing then laying on the beach all day and do nothing. If you are individual like that, you have to visit Netherlands, beautiful, country with a lot of attractions to offer.

Travel for a penny

Nowadays, thousands of Polish citizens are living in there because of the job opportunity. That is why flights from Poland to the Netherlands are very common and could be cheap. If you like to travel for a penny you have to find decent deals on flights. The Netherlandsbest will be to book it at least five months ahead, you will probably get a huge discount this way. Also, if you like to be spontaneous, you can try last minute option, also available to this country. But it is a bit risky idea, cause you don’t have a guarantee to find nice flight. If you book flight early enough you will be also able to find very cheap accommodation. Cities in Netherlands are filled with hostels, situated in the comfortable areas. More about baggage here:


The capital of this amazing land is one of the nicest cities in entire Europe. It is spread by many bridges, architecture is charming, there are bikers everywhere. Amsterdam is also good option to enjoy entertainments forbidden in another parts of Europe. There are many coffee shops in entire capital, where you can taste many different species of marijuana. Also, you can go for a tour to the Red Light District, where women are offering their services, standing beside the glass window. If you like to see some more conventional attraction, you should visit the Ann Frank House. It is small building where this small girls were hiding from Nazis during the world, on the attic. Also you have to go to the Rijksmuseum, filled with pieces of top, Dutch artists, like Rembrandt, van Delft, Eyck or Bosch.

Another attractions

But Netherlands are not only about the capital, it is filled with another, nice cities. If you like to spend a holiday close to the sea side, you can travel to Hagha, old city, situatedNetherlands by the North Sea. It is filled with beautiful architecture from many different styles. If you like a medieval building go for a tour to Binnenhof, very old palace, reconstructed very well. Another great city in the country is Eindhoven. It is perfect destination because of closeness to the airport, and amazing architecture of course. You will find in there interesting exhibitions about technology, furniture and interior design.