Amazing weekend in Vienna

During the summer, a lot of travellers like to visit some interesting, European metropolis. You don’t have to take many days off at work to enjoy nice sightseeing, even longer weekend option would be enough. If you are looking for decent place to see, you should consider visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria.


This beautiful city was always one of the most wealthy capitals in Europe, that is why it architecture is very interesting. At the entire area of Vienna you will see many buildings from various styles of architecture. One of the most popular places is Hofburg, former residence of Austrian overlords. It was founded in medieval times anViennad reconstructed within next, few decades. Nowadays it is amazing example of Classical architecture. Another palace worth to be seen in Vienna is Schonbrunn, formed in the late eighteenth century. it used to be a summer residence of Emperor, it is surrounded by amazing gardens of French type. If you like to see any interesting, Baroque building, you have to go for a tour to the Belvedere Palace, situated at suburbia of the capital. Part of it chambers can be visited by tourists, it interior design is phenomenal.


For many centuries Vienna was very important, cultural area in this part of Europe. Because of that nowadays you have a chance to see in there many of different galleries. One of the nicest is Museum of Fine Art, where you will find big collections of Bruegel, Vermeer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Durer and more, European artists. If you better like to see some exhibition of modern art, you should visit Museym Quartier. It is complex of four galleries, situated in the centre of capital. The most popular is Leopold Museum, huge collection of masterpieces by Schiele, Klimt, Kokoschka and Gerstl. In mumok gallery you have an opportunity to see the finest representation of art from the beginning of twentieth century, like Warhol, Lichtenstein and Picasso.

Another attractions

If you are visiting ViennViennaa in the summer you have to visit Wiener Prater, public park with amazing big wheel in the centre. If you like to see nice panorama over the city you have to go for a ride on it. Another fine attraction is Tiergarden Schonbrunn, the zoologist garden. It is one of the biggest object this kind in Europe. You will see there very interesting species of animals, like giraffes, panda bears, lions and a lot more. If you like to go to the amusement park you can visit in Vienna Riesenrad, localized in suburbia of city. More: LOT.