Amsterdam for longer weekend

Nowadays Polish tourists like to travel a lot, thanks to cheap airline companies. Because of low price of tickets it is possible to flight to another country for a penny. If you are thinking about some longer weekend trip, you should consider the capital of Netherlands. This extraordinary city is very popular travel destination nowadays.

Get good deal on flights

If you like to travel to Amsterdam for a song, you have to be wise while choosing your flights. The best option is to use first minute option. When flights are just offered tAmsterdamo book it price could be even smaller twice. Also, remember to choose date during low season, it is less popular, therefore ticket to Amsterdam will be a lot cheaper. When you book your flight it will be the best moment to find proper accommodation. The earlier you book the room the less it will cost you. To find the best deal on accommodation in Amsterdam you should use special website with offers from hotels whole around the world.


The capital of Netherlands is very interesting city to explore, each type of tourist will something interesting to explore. At first, you need to visit the Ann frank house. It is historical building in which, on the attic, this small girl was hiding with her family. It was during the world war second, so it this fascinating gallery you will find a lot of exponents from Nazis occupation. Another place worth to be seen could be the Rijksmuseum, one of the biggest art gallery in entire world. It contains paintings of plenty of popular painters, not only Dutch, but also European. You will find in there pieces of Vermeer, Rembrandt, van Gogh and Monet. If you like to feel like in totally different place in Amsterdam, visit the Red Light District. It is a part of the city where pretty girls are standing beside the glass window and offering their services. If you wish to do some shopping you can visit the Great Market. It is very modern type of mall, with not only shops but also boutiques.

Another attractions

There is also plenty of open air attractions. First of all you have to rent a bike and take a ride around the cAmsterdamity. Amsterdam is very beautiful metropolis, with beautiful landscape and amazing architecture. Also a good idea will be to visit local zoological garden. This is very interesting, historical object, where you will be able to admire very rare and exotic species of animals. If you are interested in beer, do not miss a visit in the Heineken experience. It is main brewery of this legendary beer, you will learn in there entire process.