The best  attractions in Canada

South America is available for Polish travelers more than ever. Within last decade the prices of intercontinental flights begin a lot lower, so not only wealthy people can afford to visit this distant continent. The most popular in there is US, however also Canada is getting more popular each year.

Prepare for the flight

If you like to visit Canada only for holidays you don’t have to get special and costly visa. You only have to register on a special, public domain, pay twenty dollars and give information about you, like surname, ID number, address and Canadaso on. Thanks to that you don’t need to wait to get the best plane tickets, you can book it couple of months before the journey – when it is the cheapest. You can travel from Warsaw directly to Canada, however trip from Berlin or Prague can be a lot less costly. Another, important task before the trip is to book ant decent accommodation. In each, big city in Canada you will find plenty of cheap hostels. You can make a reservation online, using special website.


The hardest part of the trip will be to choose nicest destination. One of the most popular spots in Canada is Montreal, former French city. It has very lovely architecture, which reminds about European metropolis. In this city you can find true, Gothic templCanadae, the Notre Dame cathedral. It was build in France in the fourteenth century, and couple of centuries later deconstructed and shipped to Montreal. During the war, sunny day you should visit the City Botanical Garden, filled with local and exotic plants. People who are travelling with kids, or just have a spirit of child, should visit La Ronde, amazing  amusement park, one of the biggest in Canada. It is filled with carousels, big wheels, and other attractions for children and adults.


At the entirely other, western part of Canada lays another important location, Vancouver. Very interesting fact about this place, is that it has more amount of parks than any other metropolis in the world. That is why this is very nice place to live in, air is very fresh and clean, citizens have a lot of places to spend a sunny day. Two, biggest parks in there are Stanley’s and Queen Elizabeth’s, those are typical, areas of green with a lot of fountains, benches and trees. If you like to feel the spirit of orient in the center of Vancouver do not miss Park of dr Sun Yat-Sen. It is filled not only with typical, Asian plants, but also architecture. The city is located by the sea shore, therefore when weather will be nice you can visit one out of many, local beaches.