The best weekend in London

The capital of United Kingdom is very popular among Polish people, mostly because a lot of them are working and living in there. However, London is not only nice place to work, but also one of the most interesting travel destinations in Europe. Even one weekend in there will be unforgettable, especially if you will visit the most important monuments.

Get the cheapest plane tickets

Flights from Poland to United Kingdom are one of the most popular in offer of small airline companies. However, if you like to travel for a song, you need to know how to organize the journey. Because of Polish people who are living in there, hot season, like Christmas time for example, will be cost full. Try to choose a date which is not very popular, it could also be the weekend. Begin to Londonplan the journey half a year to get airline ticket a couple of times cheaper! If you organize yourself faster you will also find great deal on accommodation. The best will be hostel, situated in the centre of London, but room in place like that you will have to share with strangers. If you like you can also rent entire flat from local citizens. Online you will find a special website where you can see the offers like that.


Your tour around the London should start in the Westminster Palace. This astonishing building is a head quarter of British parliament, and it was build in eighteenth century in Gothic Revival style. The true symbol of the city, the Big Ben Tower, is attached to this parliament. About five minute walk from there you will find a Westminster Abby, Gothic complex of sacral buildings, where most of the British kings and queens were coroneted. If you are interested into the oldest part of London you shouldn’t miss the Royal Tower. This medieval building was founded in the beginning of tenth century! The Tower has very interesting history. It used to be a main jail for prisoners of Royal Family. Plenty of popular historical figures were kept in there, like Maria Stuart for example.

Another exhibition

If you like to spend a day on the open air, you should visit the Zoologist Garden of London, where hundreds of tropical species of animals have their homes. LondonAnother popular spot in this city is Gallery of Madame Tussaud. It is amazing exposition of wax figures of popular people, not only celebrities, but also politics and more. If you are admirer of Western art do not miss the Tate Gallery. It is filled with works of Gainsborough, Turner, Caravaggio and a lot more.