City of Wawel Dragon: how to discover Cracow?

Millions of tourists discover the former capital city of Poland every year. School trips, organised trips, individual tourists and young people celebrating bachelor party… All these people can be seen in the streets of Cracow. No one can complain about being bored here. But what are the best ways to discover that city?

Free walking tours

It is the great option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money during the journey. Trips are led in several languages (English, German, Spanish) and have various keynotes. Thanks to that it is possible to meet not only the exact centre, but also find out something about interesting details, usually not described in guidebooks.

A carriage drawn by a horse

Those carriages often stay at the Cracow main square from morning till night in summer. During a ride, tourists can sit comfortably and take photos of the most popular places. It is possible to see all the main attractions within the city centre. They can also be roofed in case of intensive rain. During a ride, 5 people can sit in one carriage, so it is a good solution for a family.

An electric car

That option is perfect for people who do not have much time on sightseeing, but they want to see the most interesting places. Besides city centre, it is also the occasion to see another districts like Kazimierz or Podgórze as well as the Oskar Schindler’s Factory. Comments to the trip (audio-guide) are available in many languages.

Sightseeing by oneself

It is not difficult to find a guidebook – they are available in almost every bookshop, and so are city maps with the most interesting points described. Visitors can also come to one of the tourist information points, located in many places of the city. Here they can find out what is worth seeing, which restaurants are the best and which cultural events are taking place in the nearest days. They can also take some materials about the city for free.

With a friend/family member

When someone has a family or friends in Cracow, sightseeing can be easier. The only thing to do is to ask for showing around. Local people know where to eat, what is worth seeing and how to reach from one point to another quickly. They can also offer a place to sleep. Not only it is less boring to stroll with someone, but also it is more comfortable than finding everything on one’s own.

There are many ways to sightsee that magical city, rich in historic monuments. City centre is full of life anytime – day and night. Every season is good to see it and feel that specific climate.