Explore Hungary during the holidays

When we are planning our holidays, in most of occasions we are interested in exotic destinations, situated near to the sea shore. However, you don’t need to lay on a beach all day to appreciate your time. If you like to see some nice place with a lot of monuments and other attractions, you can travel to the Hungary.

Mode of transportation

This is very small country, therefore you don’t need to take your own car to travel across it. A trip by car from the southern Poland to the Budapest, will take about 10 hours. it is not so bad, a lot of people enjoy it. The best option is to book a seat in the bus, it is cheap. However, a lot more convenient will be a trip by train, however more costly. But if you don’t want to spend half a day on the road you can also reach the Hungary using an airplane. Cheap airline companies are offering flights from most of Polish airports to the Budapest. You only have to remember to book a flight earlier, it will be cheaper.


After arriving in the country, you should spend at least several day in Budapest, to explore most of it monuments. One of the finest area is the old town, with amazing Fisherman’s Tower in the middle. This beautiful building looks like a castle from medieval times. However it was constructed in the end of nineteenth century in Romanesque Revival style. About 10 minutes walk from the tower you will reach another impressive monument, the Royal Castle. This object is very eclectic, cause since it foundation in early medieval times it was reconstructed several times. Also the Hungarian Parliament is worth to be visited. This building is placed in the other side of the Danube river, on the huge square. It is nice example of Classical architecture, an in front of it you will always find plenty of travelers.

Another destinations

About one hour drive on south you will find another interesting city in Hungary, named Szentendre. It is very tiny village, which entire architecture looks like in Mediterranean countries. You will be astonished by this place, all mansions are very colorful and short, situated by the narrow streets covered with bricks. The main attraction is the Ethnography Exhibition, on the open air. You may see in there vintage barns and other farm objects, typical for a Hungarian village. And if you like to spend some days on the beach, go to the Balaton Lake, biggest object like that in Europe. There are plenty of travel resorts in there, you can book an accommodation online.