How to pack your bag for holidays?

Summer is probably favorite season of years for the most of people. Not only because of the lovely weather, but also thanks to holidays which most of us taking during this time. Vacations are perfect occasion to relax and recharge our batteries, that is why you should pack your bag wisely if you don’t want to have any problems.

Check the entire wardrobe

Depending on chosen destination another set of clothing will be required. If you are going for a trip to exotic places remember to pack clothes made from natural fabrics, like cotton for example. Shirts from polyester may be pretty, but it is very dangerous for your skin. The best will be to take couple of shirts aircraft tripand few skirts or shorts that will much. The most comfortable will be dresses, but try to pack only those that doesn’t requiring ironing. Do not take too much shoes with you. One elegant, one convenient and one casual will be enough. If you are visiting some Arabic country and you will like to go for a tour to the temples you have to take some long dress that is covering entire legs and arms, and also something to cover your hairs. And do not forget to pack any sweater or blouse with long sleeves, even if you are traveling to Egypt in the middle of the summer. Yu cannot anticipate the weather, one day may be very cloudy and rainy.

Carry on bag or registered?

Most of us nowadays are travelling for holidays by airplane. It is very fast and comfortable option, and if you buy ticket fast enough it won’t be too expensive. However some people has problem with their luggage. One, carry on bag is in price of a ticket, but if it will be enough? In most of carriers’ offers it is medium size valise good enough for the entire week’s worth of clothes. However you have to remember that some items aren’t allowed on board. If airplane travelyou like to take some liquids with you, like cosmetics for example, you need to place it into small transparent bottles, not bigger than 100 milliliters. With one bag you may have not more than 10 bottles like that, gathered into plastic bag. You cannot take on board any items with sharp edges, like scissors or knifes for example. The security will take it away from you for sure. Also self made food is not allowed, however you can buy a lot of food into duty free zone. Registered baggage is better for people who are going to spend at least two weeks on their holidays. You can share one bag with another friend and take a carry on bag with you as well. It will be a lot cheaper.