How to travel by plane with children?

In present times people in Poland are a lot more mobile than they were before we became members of EU. Airline companies are offering us flights in very reasonable prices, that’s why we can travel all around the world without spending a fortune. Also, there are more and more kids on board and some passengers don’t like it. How to prepare ourselves for a trip with our children?

Choose good seats

Even in an offer of small, airline carriers we are able to choose our own seats. If we are about to have a trip with small children we need to choose it wise. Bad idea is to take a seat close to the window. Of course, everyone like to admire the view, but with small kids we have to get up a lot and it will bother co passenger if he will have to get up often. If we are parents of toddler, who will be sit with one of us on a knees, we have to respect other passengers. It is totally in bad taste to use someone else’s seat to rest our child in there. W pay for one seat, so it is only our to takes.

How to pack?

Travelling with kids on board is very stressful for sure. That is why we need a good planning to make this task easier. We should remember to take on board everything we will require, and have an easy access to it. It is a good idea to take bigger bag or a backpack with us, it will gather a lot more items. Also, while choosing the seats we better avoid emergency exits. In those spots we cannot have our small bag with us, so it will be extremely inconvenient with children.


Even during short, lasting two hours trip on board, kids may act very bad, that is why we need to take care of them, by bringing some entertainment on board. First of all we need to make sure, that toy we bring won’t disturb another passengers. Therefore it shouldn’t be something noisy,  cause children will running all over the place with it and other people won’t enjoy it for sure. The best will be something interesting, like favorite cartoon on the tablet or some nice books with plenty of pictures.


The bigger problem when we are talking about kids on boards are… their parents. Nowadays a lot of people do not teach their children about basic civility. We need to remember, that kids are taking behaves from parents, so if we do not react properly at home, kid will be acting the same on board. That is why parents, which aren’t sure if their kid is will behave fine, should take with them before the flight and explain basic cultural norms. Thanks to that we won’t need to be so stressed during the journey and other passengers will be glad for sure.