Monuments in London worth to be seen

The capital of United Kingdom is very popular place to visit, especially since cheap airline companies offered great deals on flights. You don’t have to take entire week off to go there, London will be also interesting within longer weekend trip. Which monuments in there are the most interesting?


As the capital of United Kingdom, London is filled with amazing architecture. One of the most important building is Westminster Palace, headquarter of parliament. It was build in the eighteenth century, after the former quarter was ruined during the fire. It is nice, Gothic Revival building, with Big Ben tower attached to it. It is also connected with Westminster Bridge, from which you Londoncan admire astonishing panorama. Close to this palace you will find a Westminster Abby, very important complex in the history of England. Within many centuries in local cathedral kings and queens were coroneted and after death buried in the underground of the temple. If you are looking for very old monument do not miss a trip to the Tower. It is interesting fortress from the tenth century, It used to be a place, where royal prisoners, like Mary of Stuart, were kept.


As the capital of UK, London has many of different galleries to explore. First of all you should take a tour to the Tate Gallery, filled with pieces of English painters. You will find in there paintings of Turner, Rossetti, Gainsborough, Blake and many, many more. Another important place is a National Gallery of London. It contains one of the biggest collection of Ancient artefacts on entire world. The most popular is Rossetta Stone, first example of Egyptian words. If you like to see less conventional exhibition go to Madame Tussaud Gallery, filled with wax figures of popular people. You will be able to take a picture in there with celebrities, actors, singers and even political figures, like former pope, Jean Paul second.

Another attractions

If you like to feel true spirit of the London go to the Trafalgar Square, the meeting place for travelers and citizens. Entire place is covered with restaurants, pubs and gift shops. During the warmer, sunny day you can take a walk to Saint James Park. It is huge area of green in the centre of London, you Londoncan take a road on a Big Wheel, to admire astonishing panorama. Another place worth to be seen in the city is zoologist garden. It is one of the biggest objects like that in entire Europe, it contains hundreds of different species of animals, including the most exotic ones.