The Netherlands – a country of many faces

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country located in the Western Europe where the capital city is Amsterdam. This amazing country has a lot to offer for every type of holidaymaker. This article will point out the most popular reasons that will encourage you to visit the country.

First of all, it is worth mention the beautiful cities that lures the travellers from different corners of the globe. The most popular is Amsterdam. It is the capital city and the biggest city of the country. It is well-known for the Van Gogh paintings that are available for the tourists in the Van Gogh museum.

Moreover, the city is also a town of numerous canals and Red district dedicated to adult visitors. The second most popular city is Rotterdam where is located the largest European Port. Moreover, the town is also famous for the Maritime Museum and the Dutch Architecture Institute where are presented artefacts relatNetherlandsed with the city. The third important city in the Netherlands is the Hague where the national institutions are placed.

The second reason that should be considered is definitely the food that is served in the country. It is worth to underline that the Netherlands is mainly famous for cheese. There are numerous types of cheese manufactured in the Netherlands. It can be even said that every large city has its own type of cheese, for example Gouda cheese is manufactured in Gouda city. Nevertheless, the most important types of Dutch cheese are: Maasdammer, Boerenkaas, Goat’s cheese that can be soft, fresh and semi-hard. What is more, there is also smoked cheese, frisian clove cheese and many more. The cheese is sold at special cheese markets or at shops where are available only cheese at varied types so if you like eating cheese, the Netherlands is a perfect country for you! What is more, other food that can be found in the city is also worth considering, such as chips that are also delicious and taste different than in other cNetherlandsountries. More here:

Another thing that may encourage you to visit the country is nature. The Netherlands is a country where you can see a lot of different lakes, the North Sea, gardens, tulips and seaside plants that make the place environmental friendly. It is worth to say that the Netherlands is one of biggest manufacturers of plants that are sold within European Union borders. The tulips are the real symbol of the country together with cheese and windmills that are also very common in the less urbanized parts of the country.