Nice vacation in Netherlands

Most of the tourist, while choosing destination for future holidays are focusing on warm, southern resorts. However, also northern part of the continent is worth to be visited. One of the nicest countries in the area of western Europe is Netherlands. This amazing land has plenty of spots worth to be visited. How to get there from Poland in reasonable price and which city to visit?

Vacation planning

There are many different option to use to get to the Netherlands. First of all you can try to reach there using the train. It is very comfortable but long option. The journey will took about two days, but you can book a sleeping car in there, to get some restNetherlandd. Also, trains heading to such distanced destinations are even offering some warm meal for all the passengers. If you are a good driver you can go to the Netherlands by car. It will took like two days also, so you better travel with another driver to help. The fastest option is to travel there by airplane, it could be also the cheapest offer. If you are living in Warsaw or close to the capital, you can reach a flight strictly to the Amsterdam, for less then 200 zlotys in both sides.


The most popular place in Netherlands is the capital of country, Amsterdam. The city is filled with interesting spots, visited each year by millions of travelers. You will be able to take a tour to the Ann Frank House in there. It is very interesting exhibition about the life of this brave, little girl. While visiting the Amsterdam you will probablyAmsterdam like to see some gallery. The capital is a home for one of the biggest exhibition of western art in Europe, the Rijksmuseum. You will see there pieces of Rembrandt, Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse and many more. Another fascinating object is Heineken Experience. It is very extrordinary type of brewery, where you can watch entire process of producing of beer. The good idea is also to take a trip to the local zoological garden, filled with many of interesting and exotic animals.


If you prefer to spend a holidays in the area closer to the sea shore, the good call will be to choose Hagha. It is beautiful city, situated in the north part of Netherlands. One of the biggest attraction of Hague is Madurodam, the biggest amusement park in entire country. It is very modern and big object, filled with fascinating attractions for adults and children. Another great spot is Sea Life Scheveningen. It is a brand new aquarium, where you can observe fascinatng scenes of sea animals. More: