Nicest locations in Canada

North America is more available for Polish travelers then ever before. It is all thanks to airline companies, which are offering great deals on flights. One of the nicest destinations in there is Canada, very friendly land with a lot to offer. If you are planning to see this country you have plenty of cities to explore. Which one will be most interesting for You?


This beautiful city lays in the French part of Canada. It is popular worldwide thanks to it astonishing architecture. You can also see in there authentic, Gothic church from medieval times. It is Notre Dame Cathedral, which came in pieces from France and then was reconstructed piece by piece. If you like to see entire panorama of Montreal you can climb at the top of the Mont Royal. It is perfect place for longer walk, the nature in there is amazing. Another good place to see during the sunny day is Botanical Garden. it is filled with local and exotic plants and beautiful gardening architecture. People who are travelling with kids can visit La Ronde, huge and modern amusement park.


This interesting city is localized in the western part of Canada. It is known for huge area of green, it contains many parks opened for free to the citizens and travelers. The most important ones are VanDysen, Stanley and Queen Elizabeth parks. Another interesting object is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park, great example of Asian gardening and architecture. But to feel the true spirit of orient take a tour to the local China Town, the biggest in Canada. You will be able to eat in there authentic, Asian meal, meet friendly people and enjoy amazing architecture of China. Vancouver is situated by the sea shore, so if you are travelling there during the summer remember to pack your bathing suit.


This modern city is another important place on the map of Canada. It is localized at the east part of country, close to the sea shore. The most popular object in there is CN Tower, one of the tallest building in entire world. At the top of it observation point is localized, you can see in there entire city. Great object in Toronto is a Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. It is one of the biggest Canadaoceanarium in the world, filled with exotic examples of sea wildlife. People interested in paintings from many periods of time should visit the Art Gallery of Ontario. It is huge exhibition of works of de la Tour, Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso, and many, many more western Europe artists. If you like to see some exotic animals don’t miss the tour to the local zoologist garden.