Short trip to Vienna

Concept of city break is very popular in the entire area of Europe, because of low price of plane tickets. Nowadays you can travel to another country in two hours, without spending a fortune on flight. If you like to see some interesting metropolis for a weekend, you should try Vienna, the capital of Austria. This amazing land has a lot of attractions to offer.


Because the city was the capital of very wealthy empire, now you can enjoy amazing architecture in there. First of all go for a trip to Schonbrunn Palace, beautiful, Classical building founded in the late, eighteenth century. Another nice buildings like that are Hofburg and Belvedere, also designed in Classical Viennastyle. All those palaces are opened for travelers, inside of it chambers you can enjoy amazing interior design. Very interesting piece of architecture is a City Hall, designed in Gothic style. It has beautiful, tall towers, which spread the sky. If you wish to see some decent example of sacral architecture, go for a tour to Saint Charles church, amazing building designed in Baroque style.


Because of richness of Austria, Vienna has very big collection of art, situated in some of local galleries. First of all go for a trip to the Leopold Museum, the biggest exhibition of Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele in entire world! Another, nice place to visit is Belvedere gallery, huge collection of Austrian painters. It is very good idea to go there, not only because of an art, but also amazing interior design of Belvedere Palace. In Vienna, you will also find one of a kind ViennaSecession House. It is beautiful building designed in this sophisticated style, the same is with it interior design. Also inside of the building you will find some more masterpieces of Gustav Klimt. People who prefer modern art should visit mumok gallery. It is amazing exhibition of artists from the twentieth and twenty-first century. You will find in there pieces of Kandinsky, Miro, Dali or Picasso.

Another attractions

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your trip to Vienna, part of it attractions aren’t expensive. First of all you cannot miss a trip to the Wiener Prater, public park, with tall big wheel in the center of it. A tour on it is amazing opportunity to see panorama over the city. Another nice place for summer day is zoologist garden. It is one of the biggest places like that in this area of continent. You will be able to enjoy in there many exotic species of animals, like lions, panda bears, giraffes. More: here.