Sightseeing in Bratislava

When we are thinking about future vacations, most of the people are planning a long trip to some warm, exotic resort close to the beach. However still plenty of travelers, also young ones, better like to do some sightseeing than laying on a beach and do nothing. If you also like to have an active trip, you should consider to visit the capital of Slovakia.

How to get there?

If you are living in the southern east part of our country, you may easily get to the Bratislava using your car, bus or a train. Last option will be the most expensive, but it give you an opportunity to admire phenomenal landscape outside your window. If you choose the bus you can count on very nice price, especially if you are travelling during spring. But if you have no time for a longer trip or you are living too far away, the airplane will be perfect mode of transportation. Flights to Bratislava are available from any, international airport in our country.

The best monuments

First area to explore in this beautiful city is the old town, filled with amazing attractions, not only connected with architecture. You should take a picture with Čumil, a statue of sewer man, who’s head is outstanding from the underground. Another nice statue on the area of old town is Schöner Náci, dedicated to the popular artist, who were very elegant and charming. It is standing close to his favorite coffee shop. At the Hlavne Square, the main place inside the old town, you will see the bigger amount of beautiful mansions. There are buildings from almost each period of time gathered into one square. Especially Stara Radnica (the old town) is worth to be explored. it is one of the oldest building in entire Slovakia. One of the most popular spot in this area is Fountain of Maximilian, favorite meeting spot for citizens.

Another attractions

At the area of old town you will find a lot of nice restaurants where you may taste a classical, Slovakian meal. Bryndzove halusky are type of wheat cake, boiled in the water, which are prepared from Bryndza, cottage cheese typical for this area of Europe. If you are a fan of sour soups, you need to try one made from sour cabbage and a lot of meat. it is served with a big slice of white bread – very delicious! If you like to admire amazing panorama over the city, you can go to the SNP bridge on Danube River. It is connected with very tall tower, inside of which observational deck is situated. This is perfect place to admire entire Bratislava from another perspective.