Trip across the Lithuania

Nowadays when we like to visit some interesting place in Europe we may book a flight for a penny. But sometimes it is better to take a part in bigger sightseeing, thanks to which we will see couple of interesting cities in one country. If you are interested into idea like that you should consider trip to the Lithuania. What attractions you cannot miss in there?

Top five spots in the country

While visiting this amazing country you cannot miss the capital Vilnius and it old town. Entire area was inscribe into UNICEF list, it is filled with beautiful mansions from Baroque, Renaissance and Classical époque. Also you will find in there amazing church and the symbol of the city, The Ostra Gate. Another interesting place in Vilnius is Rosa Cemetery. It is very old, historical graveyard, with charming, Gothic chapel in the middle. It there you will find a tomb of many famous Polish people.

Lithuania tripClose to the Vilnius you may find a Troki, historical city, famous because of castle of the same name. It is amazing, medieval construction made of red brick. It looks like castles in France, even inside of the building is amazing. You will find in there huge collection of armory, old furniture and paintings. If you like to rest in a health resort for day or two do not miss a trip to  Druskieniki. This lovely city is very popular among local travelers, it is surrounded by National Park, situated by the sea. The most interesting monuments in the city is the orthodox temple of Saint Mary. This building is made of wood, covered with blue paint – it looks amazing!

Another interesting area for admirers of historical monuments is Konwo. This small city has very extraordinary old town, with the biggest, vintage city hall in entire Lithuania. It is also a home for Perkuna’s House, even is designed in medieval times according to Gothic style, it always was secular building, which is very rare. Next extraordinary attractions of Konwo is funicular railway, still available every day. This mode of transportation is extremely rare in Europe. To learn more about culture of Lithuanian people you vilnius - Lithuaniahave to visit antique building museum in Rumszyszki. In the southern part of the country you may see the Mountain of crosses. It is special place for pilgrims from all around the Europe, people are bringing their own cross and leave it. And if you like to explore some nature also Lithuania is perfect spot. The biggest attractions can be found in Żmudzki National Park and Regional Park of Niemen’s delta. More flights here.