Unforgettable holidays in New York

United States of America is one of the most popular travel destinations among polish citizens. Nothing surprising in that, this country is legendary, thanks to many films and TV series. If you like to visit New York, informal capital of USA, you don’t need to spend a fortune on it, you only have to organize everything wise. How to prepare for the road and which monuments you shouldn’t miss in there?

Find cheapest flights

Since last decade flights from Europe to New York became a lot cheaper. Nowadays if you plan the journey fast enough you won’t spend more than 1500 zlotys on flight – in both sides! To find nice offer you should use one of New Yorkthe special websites, which is showing nicest deals each day. Most of their offers are for intercontinental flights, also to United States. Remember, to book flight after you get your visa. To do so you have to reserve a meeting in American embassy, in Krakow or Warsaw. The consul will ask you various of questions about your life, if you are not a convicted criminal you have a big chance to get your visa.


The Big Apple has so many monuments on it area, that it is almost impossible to see everything during one week of holidays. That is why you should choose wisely. You can start your tour from the Statue of Liberty, situated at the isle on the sea. Each hour a ferry from Manhattan is taking tourist to there, you can visit the observation point at the top of the statue, the panorama from there is amazing. Another, important place in New York is Empire State and Crystler Building. Those are New Yorkone of the earliest skyscrapers in the world, founded in the beginning of twentieth century, in Art Deco style. If you like to spend a nice day on the nature, you shouldn’t miss the Central Park. It is the biggest area of green situated in the middle if the city, you will find it in the centre part of Manhattan. If you are admirer of art you can also visit Metropolitan Gallery of Art, one of the biggest exposition of Western painting in entire world.

Tour around the states

Because of the small price of domestic flights in US, you can travel from New Your to another, interesting destination. One week in NYC should be enough, another part of the holidays you can spend in tropical places, like Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles. You can also rent a car and take a short tour around the Southern East part of States, named New England. It is the most wealthy area of America, filled with interesting architecture.