Vacation in beautiful Moscow

The most popular way of spending summer holidays, is to travel to any exotic destination by the sea shore. However a lot of Polish tourists better like to choose places, in which they will be able to admire plenty of attractions. If you like to see interesting monuments from each part of the time, you should visit the capital of Russia.

Before the trip

Nowadays we can travel to Moscow a lot cheaper, thanks to the offer of small, airline companies. The direct flights are available from Warsaw, the trip is taking about three hours. If you wish to pay very low price, you need to start to look for the tickets couple of months earlier. For example the same ticket will be cost even 50% less if you buy it six months before the journey. Another thing you have to remember during the vacation planning is date of a trip. Moscow is on the area of continental zone, therefore winters are long and very cold and summer is short but warm. That is why the best months to enjoy staying in there are July and August.

Interesting monuments

If you are looking for the biggest amount of architectural monuments you should take a trip to the Red Square, the most popular place in entire Moscow. You will find there the symbol of the city, the basilica of Saint Basil. It is amazing, Orthodox church with many of colorful gazebos in the top of it. You can also visit the inside part of the temple. Another beautiful building in the Red Square is a headquarter of Museum of History. It is amazing building made from red bricks, also with a lot of towers in the top. About 10 minutes walk from the Red Square you will ffind a Creml, main quarter or Russian government. it is very monumental, Classical building. Another important building in the capital is the basilica of Jesus Christ. It is all covered with white paint, with couple of gazebos made of gold.

Another attractions

People who are admirers of paintings in Moscow have a rare opportunity to admire masterpieces of the finest artists, in the Museum of Puszkin. The huge collection contains works by Picasso, Dali, Cezanne, Magritte, Rubens and a lot more. Part of the collection of this museum used to belong to Poland, but it was stolen during the world war two. Another fascinating place to visit in Moscow is the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. In there you will be able to see the corpse of this dictator, embalmed after his death. It is very interesting experience, you shouldn’t miss this chance during the trip to Russia.