Vacation in Hungary

Since last decade, Polish tourists begin to travel whole around the world, because of small, airline companies. Nowadays if you like to go some place nice for holiday you don’t have to be rich, cause airline tickets are very cheap. If you are wondering about future vacations, you should consider going to Hungary. This small, but beautiful country has a lot to offer.

Travel for a song

People, who are living in the southern part of Poland need to reserve 10 hours of their time to travel to Hungary by bus, train or car. Those options can be very cheap if you are sharing a car with couple of people and you find decent deal on bus tickets. However, thanks to airline companies you can have a safe and comfortable trip, by booking flight to Hungary. The best option will be to book a ticket several months ahead. Cause the earlier you buy it, the cheaper it will be. Also, you can look for a last minute offers, but it is a bit risky and you don’t have a guarantee about your destination.


Your sightseeing in Hungary you should start with a trip to the Budapest, the capital. This beautiful city is filled with interesting attractions, connected with architecture, entertainment and culture. First of all go to the old tow area, to Budapestclimb on the Fisherman Tower. This lovely, Romanesque Revival buildings, looks similar to the castles from fairy tales. At the top of the nearest hill you will find another, amazing building, the Royal Palace. It was constructed back in medieval times, but after it was rebuilded couple of times. Nowadays it is amazing example of eclectic style, mostly Classical. If you like to be scared you should try a trip to the Underground Museum. It is mystery place, situated in the dungeons of old fortress, filled with costumes, old furniture and weird sounds. Couple of chambers are totally dark, it is amazing experience.

Another destinations

But Hungary is not only about Budapest. Country can also offer a lot more attractions. In the central part of it you will find Balaton, the biggest lake in entire Europe. Because of nice temperature during the summer, this is very popular travel destination for BudapestEuropean people. It is surrounded by big number of tiny villages, which are offering a lot of attractions to the travelers. If you are looking for beautiful, small town, nearer to the capital, you have to visit Szentendre, situated 20 kilometres from Budapest. It is old, medieval city, founded by Serbian people as an asylum. You will find in there amazing architecture and very tasty wine.